Delphinium – Tutorial

Delphinium – Tutorial

Thursday, May 03, 2012 Sara Hassan , 45 Comments

This is the second installment of the tutorial series that I have begun doing on my blog. I hope you like the look I created today and find it helpful. I am gonna try my best to explain my technique.

Thank you so much for the massive appreciation on the first tutorial post I did. I couldn't believe myself; so many of you absolutely loved it.

Now let's get kicking, shall we?

BH Cosmetics 120 Color 1st Edition Palette
I am using my BH Cosmetics 120 palette for this look. I have marked the shades I used.

Products I used

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion.
  • Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer.
  • Sigma brushes: P82, E45, E55, E40, E46, E47, E75, E11, E15, E60, E05 & E21.
  • BH Cosmetics 120 Color 1st Edition Palette
  • Senna Sketch a brow pencil in Mink.
  • Maybelline Lasting Studio Drama gel eye liner.
  • Maybelline Colossal Volum Express mascara.
  • Oriflame Eye lash curler

1. That first photo is my naked eye (of course ^_^).
2. I put a concealer with Sigma P82.

3. Then I applied eye primer. Dab some on your lid and spread out with your fingers.
4. Now I am creating a V with my Sigma flat definer E15. I applied shade E.

5. I am blending the same shade upward with E45.
6. I have applied shade C from my palette with E55.

7. I am applying shade D on the outer corner of the lid with the same brush.
8. Now I am applying shade B with E46 in the inner corner.

9. Again, I am blending the shades together and applying shade F.
10. I am applying shade A on my brow bone with E60.

11. With E21, I am now applying shade E on my lower lid.
12. I am applying the shades again to intensify the colors.

13. Blend blend blend! Do the windshield wiper motion.
14. I am applying shade D again with E47 but this time in my crease to create depth

15. Do you see how I am stretching my skin with my finger? Well that's how I like to apply an eye liner. This method will give you more control and precision believe me. I am using a gel eye liner with E05 here.
16. Now to line the inner corners, I am using E11.

17. With a random angled brush from my stash, I am extending my eye liner.
18. I have lined my waterline and applying gel eye liner on my lower lash line with E11.

19. To intensify the black on my lower lash line, I am dabbing some black shadow on it.
20. Now I am defining my brows with E75.

21. Lash curler time!
22. Finally, a mascara.

Behold the final look!

I got inspired by the dazzling delphinium flowers.

Source: Dowdeswell's Delphiniums Ltd

What's your say on this one? I hope it was fun.


  1. You are amazing Sara! You picked just the right colors <3

  2. need some good brushes :) lovely

  3. i like it but sara try to fill your brows bit more otherwise nice tutorial . u have done really well. have you taken any course or training in make up? hun.

    1. Hi Shaz, Thank you for suggesting. I am currently using a brown shade for my brows and so it won't look nice if I darken it. I will be switching to a more deeper shade to give a full brow effect. :)

      I am self taught and haven't taken any training for makeup.

  4. awesome sara marvellous each sahde of flower is in your eye make up i m damn sure its so much fun for you to create these kinds of look and one thing i wanna tell you we also love all your techniques n your guidance n help n hardwork marvellous :) n yeah u r right each step is explained so well that there is no need to listen your voice what u are doing n how you are doing you have explained in owrds n in your pics so well thanx a lot for this :)

    1. Awww thank you so much Maha. You are so sweet and so generous. A big *hug* :) xx

  5. Beautiful look and great tutorial! :)

  6. very pretty and i love the way to taught , so simple and easy to understand

    1. Thank you Jeeya. I am glad it's helpful to everyone of you :) xx

  7. A very bold and fun look. Loved the tutorial.

  8. Nice tutorial, I had that palette before but I gave it away.

  9. That's so beautiful!! You are awesome girl.

  10. this looks amazing!! you did the eyeliner so beautifully!!! a skill im skill that i am still working on :)

  11. omg!..beautiful look hun..really love it..^_^..

  12. Thank you so much for liking it :) xx

  13. GORGEOUS!!! I love this combo. :D

  14. Your shape of eyes are easy for an eye makeup. Can u do a tutorial for hooded eyes?

  15. this is so pretty you super talented


  16. HI Sara
    You are just amazing dear, I have learned many things from this tut. The shade, you chose,is very pretty.

  17. So pretty! I tried doing something like this once, but I failed, hahaha :)

  18. wowww sara soooo pretty n i love your tutorials :)

  19. perfect
    its looking very attractive:)

  20. very nicely explained... very beautiful EOTD... thanx for doing these tutorials

  21. beaut! i love you eyeshadow looks! i always get inspired to do my own!

  22. Awesome EOTD <3<3 & thanks for the tutorial.

  23. Well of COURSE we love your tutorials Sara! You've got such amazing talent and you're giving us the option to try to approximate it! <3 This is gorgeous and helpful. Thanks so much!

  24. BEST. POST. EVER!!! Love this pictorial tutorial, I'm gonna try this for sure :)) thanks Sara!!

  25. loved the tutorial and the look you created!!!!!! it is so helpful for us who dont know how to use colours. Finally you have started giving us these great tutorials..... :) loving it

  26. Nice colors! Love the way you do the tutorial. Thanks!


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