Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipsticks – Review & swatches

Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipsticks – Review & swatches

Wednesday, April 04, 2012 Sara Hassan , 19 Comments

Rivaj UK is a UK registered brand with production houses in different companies. Their products are easily available in Pakistan. Eye Love Makeup is the official retailer of this brand. Today I would share my thoughts about two of their Color Fusion lipsticks. 

Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipsticks

Ingredients: polybutylene, bees wax, microcrystalline wax, Vaseline, lanolin oil, paraffin oil, methyl/propyk paraben, pearl (mica)

Available in 30 shades

Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipsticks
Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipsticks - Shade no. 4
Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipsticks - Shade no. 29
Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipsticks (swatch)
Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipsticks - Shade no. 4 (applied)
Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipsticks - Shade no. 29 (applied)
My thoughts
First of all, there isn’t any description about this lipstick on Rivaj UK’s website so I absolutely knew nothing about it except for the shades I chose. It comes in 30 shades which is a pretty good color range to choose from.

These lipsticks have a luster finish (resembling MAC luster lipsticks) with semi-opaque color coverage. The shades don’t have any names, I have shade 04 and 29 which appear quite similar at first glance; you must’ve noticed that in the photos. Indeed, both these shades are very flattering. 

Shade 04 is a soft pink with a hint of peach. I don’t own any shade similar to this. When I first swatched it, it didn’t show up well. It slid smoothly over my lips because of all the oils in its ingredients but the color didn’t show up quite well. So, I had to warm up the lipstick on the back of my hand by swiping it three to four times. When I wore it again, it showed up with a subtle sheeny finish. The color translates as a pale pink on my lips which makes it perfect to be worn with dark/smokey eyes.

Shade 29 is pinker with warmth to it. In my opinion, this shade is a more universal shade of pink compared to shade 04 which might make you appear washed out if you’re fair. Same was the case with this lipstick, had to warm up and apply. This too has a semi-gloss finish. Even though, both these lipsticks belong to the same line, they differ in one context – smell. Shade 04 has a coconut-y smell with no weird taste while on the other hand, shade 29 smells and tastes like plastic or crayons which definitely put me off.

These lipsticks wear decently; up to two hours without eating/drinking. With a lip liner underneath, you can stretch the wear time to three hours maximum. Luster finish lipsticks usually don’t last much so I don’t blame them. Despite having a moisturizing formula, luster lipsticks tend to be drying; same is the case with these. It appears that they would be perfect for dry lips or winter but ironically they aren’t. In the beginning, it’s all gloss and shine but after an hour it subdues and sets into a semi-matte finish. After the second hour, it starts to accumulate around the edges and rim of the lips which will highlight dryness.

I have no issues with the packaging. It’s light but sturdy. Let’s talk about the best part now – the price. Are you kidding me? Each lipstick costs PKR 135 which is unbelievable. Yes, it has its issues but for the price it’s fairly good. For someone who is new to makeup or wants to try some good pocket-friendly lipsticks, this is definitely one of them.

You might like it if…
  • You are into luster finish lipsticks (you like semi-gloss shine).
  • You are on a tight budget.
  • You are satisfied with the shade range.
  • You want a lipstick that gives a semi-opaque coverage.
You might not like it if…
  • You expect a long wear.
  • You find it setting into clumps while fading.
  • You notice them drying out your lips.
  • You find some of these lipsticks to have a plastic-y taste/odor.
My rating:

You can purchase these online from Rivaj UK’s official retailer – Eye Love Makeup. Rivaj UK is also available at superstores across Pakistan.

What do you think about these? Have you tried anything from Rivaj UK?

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  1. Thank you so much for honest review Sarah :-)

  2. shades look pretty in swatch but may wash me out.. :(

  3. I like Rivaj Uk have tried their Kajal, eye shadow palette and nail polishes, and lipglosses and found them really grt while price is very affordable

  4. Beautiful shade <3 Love the packaging!!!

  5. Sound like good lipsticks for beginners, or to try out a new shade. :) Those colours suit you well Sara, especially 29.

  6. U hv written shade no.2 instead of shade no 4.

    1. Yes, I know that. There was a confusion. I will correct that. Thank you! :)

  7. wao the shades are awesome specially shade no 29 :) thanx for the review hun n letting us know that we can have cosmetics but within a budget :)

  8. The shades look very nice on you! Luster finish is so pretty and that price...So cheap!!! Wish this line was available where I live!! *_*

  9. Wow!! These are unbelievably cheap! You should try Sweet touch lipsticks they have great color pay off. :)

  10. Both of the colors are nice but the plastic taste is a big turn off. Thank you for the review. xx

  11. The colors are nice, but the cons that you mentioned can;t be ignored. But the whole package etc looks really beautiful and can be passed of as some high end product IMO :)

  12. I'm not a huge fan of these. They're too sheer and I don't like the lack of color info. And that wear? Baaaaaaaah I think i'd just pass on these.

  13. thanks for your honest review Sara!!

  14. didnt u give reveiw on maybelline dream mouse foundation?

    1. Hey Fatima, I haven't reviewed it. Please google for some reviews on it, I am sure that would help :) xx

  15. beautiful review.i have shade 4.it looks the same as your swatch but the color didn't translate to your lips as accurately.next time i want to see your point of view on lipstick i will go by your swatch.thanx


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