NIVEA VISAGE Refreshing Cleansing Milk – Review

NIVEA VISAGE Refreshing Cleansing Milk – Review

Monday, April 23, 2012 Sara Hassan , 16 Comments
NIVEA VISAGE Refreshing Cleansing Milk

After the not so good encounter with my previous cleansing milk, I was keen on getting one that wouldn’t irritate my eyes. Does this one end my search? Read to find out.

NIVEA VISAGE Refreshing Cleansing Milk with Vitamins and Natural Lotus Extracts cleanses gently yet effectively.

How it works

Its improved formula effectively removes make-up and skin impurities, preventing the skin from drying out.
Removes dirt, makeup, and impurities
The silky texture hydrates your skin without leaving any greasy residue to keep its natural moisture balance
Cleansed and hydrated, your facial skin feels smooth and supple.

How to apply

Apply to face and neck in the morning and at night using your fingertips or a cotton pad. The formula is so gentle it can even be used to remove eye makeup
Massage gently in upward moving circles
Remove any remaining residue with NIVEA VISAGE Refreshing Toner

My thoughts
Yes, this product ends my search for a cleansing milk that I could use safely on my eyes without having to fear that it would sting or irritate my eyes like Himalaya Herbals Cleansing Milk. As a matter of fact, Himalaya was quite effective at removing makeup but it wasn’t kind on the eyes so I had to try something new.

This product has a runny consistency of a lotion and is quite prone to spill if you squeeze the bottle too hard. It has a nice nivea-ish scent that lingers on for a while. It spreads on evenly and smoothly. I don’t really find any refreshing factor to it as I don’t sense any soothing or cooling effect on my skin when I use it.

It’s very gentle but believe it or not, it removes the LAST trace of makeup on my skin. Yes, it’s that effective at pulling the dirt right off my skin and scrape off the everyday makeup I wear to work. Somehow, I can see it melting the makeup when I massage it for a while before I pick the cotton wool to wipe it off.

I wouldn’t say it’s equally good with water-proof makeup but it’s potent enough to smear and get rid of it after two swipes but you don’t need to work too hard. I have tested it on some hard-to-budge eye liners and nope, it didn’t disappoint me.

I really like the feel of my skin after I use it. My skin is left soft, supple and just a little hydrated. I won’t say moisturized because I can skip washing my face as it doesn’t leave behind any tacky feel on my skin that I used to have with Himalaya but I still suggest washing your face afterwards. I had no breakouts, rashes whatsoever by using this product. I find this product suitable for normal to oily skin types. If you're someone with a dry skin, you might not like it if you expect extreme moisture.

I picked this product for PKR 545 from Agha’s superstore Karachi. I do find it a bit expensive but it’s totally worth it. I am just about to finish it and would love to repurchase after I try a couple of other cleansers.

You might like it if…
  • You have a normal to oily skin.
  • You expect effective cleansing and makeup removal.
  • You want a cleanser that doesn’t irritate your eyes.
  • You want a cleanser that doesn’t strip off your skin's moisture.
You might not like it if…
  • You have a dry skin type and don't find it quite moisturizing.
  • The runny consistency bothers you.
  • You prefer scent-free products.
My rating:

What do you think about Nivea Cleansing Milk? Which is your favorite cleanser?


  1. Can't use this for my dry skin. Nice review though!!!

  2. I am sold! I really want to buy this, excellent review

  3. hello sara. can u recommend any good and long lasting kajol. that doesn't smashes...

  4. great review I m looking for a good cleanser hope get this one

  5. I've used this one too, loved mine :)

  6. Thank you so much for this awesome review. I wanted a good makeup remover but after Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, nothing worked that well. I am so gonna try this out.

  7. ; w ; I'm glad that you found one that works for you. Sad, of course, that it's not dry skin type friendly.

  8. Ive never tried a cleansing milk before, this is a bit pricey thou but seems well worth it!

  9. Do you know if and where I can find this exact product in the USA ? I have done some searches for it and only came up with some Nivea Visage products available at but not this one :(

    1. I am so sorry but I have no clue. :) xx

  10. has nivea changed the packaging of this product?? i have nivea visage refreshing cleansing milk in a bottle with blue it original?????

    1. Well, the packaging has changed a bit. I got myself another one a few weeks a go. it doesn't have a blue cap but the Nivea logo logo has changed -- a blue circle with Nivea written on it. This one says' daily essentials, refreshing cleansing milk for normal skin. What does your bottle say?

  11. Do you wash your face with a facewash after this or proceed straight to toning?

    1. Hey Rafia, I do wash my face after this. :)

  12. and i got it for 700 from hyperstar lahore :-o

  13. Hi Sara
    Great review .Do you wash your face with a face wash or plain water after using this.


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