The Multitasking Bronzer that Works as an Eye Shadow for a Natural Daytime Look (Guest Post)

The Multitasking Bronzer that Works as an Eye Shadow for a Natural Daytime Look (Guest Post)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 Sara Hassan , 7 Comments

One of the best eyeshadows that I use for a daytime look is not an eyeshadow at all! It's actually a bronzer. I love bronzers because they are so great at multitasking. This one is by NYC in their Smooth Skin line. (720A Sunny).

Bronzers are best at multitasking when they don't have a hint of shimmer and are completely matte, just like this color. Also, I spent less than $2.00!

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder
NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder
This bronzer is perfect used as eyeshadow for a natural daytime look because it's subtle enough just to give a little bit of depth and warmth in the eye area without being too noticeable. It's a perfect Terracotta shade that looks good on everyone. I don't even use a makeup brush to apply it because it's nearly fool proof. I just dab my index finger in the bronzer and apply it with my finger all throughout my eyelid, making sure to not go too far above the crease.

Aside from using it as an eyeshadow, I use this bronzer to contour and define areas of my face, to create a glow and bring depth to my face. Below I showed all the areas where I apply the bronzer:

1. I apply bronzer to this area because it helps to slim the face. Just apply it right at the corners of the eyes and blend upward into the sides of the forehead. Don't forget to blend so there are no visible lines.

2. Applying bronzer to the sides of the nose is a trick for those who have no bridge ( like me) or those who want to make their noses more prominent.

3. I also apply bronzer in this area to slenderize my nostrils.

4. I apply a little bit of bronzer just below my bottom lip to give the appearance of a fuller bottom lip.

And there you have it! Here is the finished product without all the arrows:

Lastly, and most importantly, I apply a bronzer right below my cheekbones in the hollow of the cheek to make my cheekbones more pronounced and to again slenderize the face and create more depth:

Midori Heckman lives in east side Seattle and writes a fashion and beauty blog at


Thank you Midori for sharing some great bronzing tips with us :)


  1. sounds great & multipurpose as well :)

  2. Nice review.. you're looking cute Midori <3

  3. so nice to know u found another use for the bronzer. seems like a really interesting product :)

  4. i used to own this bronzer, and loved it!

  5. Wow such a great post. It will be helpful for me.. a lot.

  6. I've had this for so long and i hardly use it..


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