Fluffy Leopard Print Nail File/Buffer

Fluffy Leopard Print Nail File/Buffer

Wednesday, August 03, 2011 Sara Hassan , 13 Comments

Thought i'd post something different this time. Today I am reviewing this adorable Leopard print nail file/buffer.

Fluffy Leopard Print Nail File/Buffer
Funky nail emery file and buffer. Come in great designs like leopard, giraffe, zebra print.

Emery & Buffer
Length 18cm
One side is an emery board, the other side is a fluffy buffer

Just4girls.pk - visit HERE.

My thoughts?
Though I know emery nail files take longer to shape but surprisingly, this one takes no time to shape my nails. Honestly, its much better than my metal nail file. I love the fluffy buffer side - so cute right? It won't give that glossy shine but it should smooth the nail to a matte finish.

You might like it if...
  • You want to shape your nails fast.
  • You're really into getting cute stuff.
You might not like it if...
  • You're expecting the buffer side to make your nails look shiny.
My rating:
    The animal print nail file/buffer is available for PKR 300 from Just4girls.pk. They're selling it for PKR 130 this month as a part of their "Ramadan Deal" so you better hurry up if you like it.

    Doesn't this look adorable to you? What's your say?


    1. That is so effin cuteeeeee id be putting that on my makeup counter LOL instead of hiding them. Yeah i hide my nail stuff ;)

    2. It is so cute... I love leopard prints... buffer looks so pretty soft...

    3. wow havent seen a Nail filer that awesome b4 <3

    4. Wow that is such a cute and awesome file! Love it =]

      I don't know why but I always thought emery files shape faster than metal ones?! I guess I just don't like metal ones... =P

    5. What does the fluffy buffer thing do?

    6. How cute are these! :) love all things fuzzy.
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